Musings of a Midnight Poet

A seemingly random look inside the mind of a dreamer/ music enthusiast with the sometimes difficult task to live life, and not just exist its duration...oh and the occasional poem or two in the wee hours of the morning. :)

"To LIVE would be an awfully big ADVENTURE." <3

7. September 2013

She said I smelled like coffee, 

the lotion i liked with aloe vera and my hair gel…

She said she wanted to count my freckles like star lit nights, 

and that my eyes were the color of a redwood forest in the soft afternoon sunlight,

She said my skin was fire and silk when hers brushed mine…

and that my voice sounded like winter nights, rain and that feeling you get when you drink a hot cup of tea in front of a blazing fireplace,

I thought that meant more, 

noting the minuscule things…the ones others didn’t see, 

it was looking into a place others had only glimpsed, 

but…maybe sometimes you needed to see beyond the surface, 

beyond sight, touch, taste, sound…smell…

its knowing why that call was the cause of a rift in her day, 

its knowing why she can’t watch mother-daughter movies, 

or why she tenses at the faintest hints of an argument…

its watching the way songs move her, inspire her, scare her…

seeing how she plays certain ones on her guitar, lightly scratched below the sound hole…because she never got a pick guard, 

its hearing the emphasis she puts on certain lyrics…like she means for you to recognize them…and you alone, 

its recognizing what she sings at the top of her lungs and the silence that falls when she needs to really hear something…

Its how she stares out of windows…like an adventure or an escape is all it would take to set her free…

its the way she looks into the heart of who you are when she’s begging you to notice…that she needs you…

and the way you can’t see…

Was playing around with my aunt’s ipad today and garage band, and recorded a one take session of this gorgeous song that I heard the other night on SYTYCD. Here’s “Say Something” by A Great Big World 

<3 Nic

24. August 2013

Star gazing nights, fiery orbs in the sky high up…worlds full of wonder high above us,

I always dreamed that beyond friends…light and dark could become something new,

Live, learn….yearn for those things the other can’t provide by itself,

You were golden…magma, pulsing white hot dripping sunbeams….

I was the shadow you wish wasn’t there…gray, blue, black…the color of old wounds still healing,

Yet….when faced with the question…

The answer right in front like a hologram too real to be just a series of dots in the air…

You chose the only one designed to break us….to tear us apart…creating natural disasters across our hearts,

A ruined, desert landscape littered with succulents dripping crimson black…the blood of memories and emotions to painful to be recalled naturally,

Oceans crashed and lit aflame in my eyes as the light was leeched out of yours replaced by a blank void,

No trace of the light and wonder present in them like before.

Two broken parts of a whole,

Staring into wind soaked ashes collecting in blackened piles at our feet…

What happens now?

Hey all, here’s my cover of a new song I just discovered, on a mini road trip in the midst of traffic. Needless to say it’s a great driving tune. :) <3

Hey all…so I finally did a new cover, this time a really gorgeous song from Taylor Swift’s new album RED. The Song is “Come Back…Be Here” Check it out and let me know what you think? Thanks <3

Here is a new song from my band Scribble City Dreams, we’re calling it “Shadow of Your Doubt”…let us know what you think? :)

This is a cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” that a friend and I recorded for one of my classes. I’m pretty proud of it, let me know what you think? :)

This was a song i wrote awhile ago called “Unless You Mean It”. Its probably my favorite of what i’ve written so far because it goes deper than my other pieces and was written at a time in my life that I just needed to…well sing through the pain. Take a listen :)

This is a song my bandmate and I wrote called “Chemicals”. I’m pretty proud of it so far but i’m still in the mixing process. Here’s the demo version for now. :)

28. November 2011

You’ve contaminated me…

Filled my head with things too beautiful to possibly exist

in this lifeless place…

You’ve stained my dreams with your kisses,

branded your image across my still beating heart,

Pillow wet with blood red tear tracks…

Once upon a time,

A time that I can scarcely remember being real,

There was a glimmer of hope,

Of a promise there…

One that took the very breath from my fragile bones…

I ached with your memory

Until all that was left,

Were ashes that blew away…

Parts of us….